O Parvardigar Restored and Extended

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The Archive Collection DVD Series
Vol 1: O Parvardigar Restored and Extended.

Limited edition of 7000 collector's box sets.

Packaged along the lines of the over-subscribed limited edition box set 'Avatar', Pete Townshend continues the work of the Meher Baba film archive he founded with this restored version of the classic Baba film 'O Parvardigar'. The film has been extended and restored so that it can now be viewed as originally intended. The stereo recordings, from 32 years ago, have also been remastered into 5.1 digital sound. As with 'Avatar' the artwork has been designed by Mike McInnerney and Dinah Lone and includes an extensive 32 page booklet and postcards of Meher Baba's Universal Prayer . The DVD itself runs for over an hour and contains five video tracks (the restored version, the original version plus visuals on the restoration process) and four audio tracks (the complete set including Pete Townshend singing O Parvardigar and previously unreleased versions of Pete performing Bargain and Time Is Passing live in India at Meher Baba's third Amartithi in January 1972).

The sound is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 and PCM 2.0 sound. Other features include sheet music, production shot logs, technical notes on film restoration, photo album, printable pdf files and a new article on the subject by Pete.

The DVD is all region.

All profits will fund conservation at MEFA, which looks after and restores much of the available footage of Meher Baba. For more information on MEFA visit the official website here.

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