Rachel Fuller - Cigarettes and Housework

UK edition

CD: £10.80 (delivered*)

The UK version of Rachel Fuller's debut album, with a different tracklisting and artwork to the U.S releases.

The album is released via Universal Records (catalogue no. 9882626) From www.rachelfuller.com: 'One minute, RACHEL FULLER jokes that her musical background makes her sound like a vicar's daughter. The next, that her lyrics make her seem like a stalker. "I can assure you, I'm neither," she says.

True. For the record, RACHEL FULLER is neither. But she does have a canny way of reconciling opposites within her work.

Darkness and light. Classical and pop. Downcast and uplift. Lilting vocals and banging guitar solos. Obsession and resignation.

Thirty-piece orchestras and programmed beats.

All of these qualities and more are united on the aptly titled Cigarettes & Housework.

Featuring cameos by Pete Townshend, Simon Townshend and bass ace Pino Palladino, RACHEL's fully formed debut blasts the hushed drama of her romantic life through her unique musical prism.

Track Details:
 1. Into My Heart (remix) 
 2. Cigarettes and Housework 
 3. Ghost In Your Room 
 4. Wonderland 
 5. Outside My Window 
 6. Imperfection 
 7. Happy To Be Sad 
 8. Nothing Worthwhile 
 9. Spin 
 10. Praying 
 11. Beautiful Invisible 
 12. Around This Table (featuring Jerry Hall) 
 13. In The Mirror 

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